Marzeri Milano


In all of MARZERI’s men’s and women’s collections, we pledge to use the most planet-friendly materials, thoroughly researching the best solutions for the lowest possible environmental impact.


Derived from apple fibers, this innovative material is made in Italy and aesthetically akin to full-grain cow leather, resulting in a richly textured and supple shoe.

Extremely Durable ǀ Biodegradable ǀ Waterproof ǀ CO2 Emissions- free


Originating from seeds and grain fibers, it allows an extremely low percentage of non-renewable components. It results in a very smooth and soft leather, perfect for elegant shoes.

Extremely Durable ǀ Flexible ǀ Waterproof ǀ CO2 Emissions- free


Made in Italy, this globally renowned material boasts a supple suede texture and unique features in terms of durability and versatility.

Waterproof ǀ Fireproof ǀ Breathable ǀ 100% Carbon Neutral


Versatile material that always plays an important role in our collections. Through our special crafting techniques, we create textures resembling snake or crocodile skin.

EFSC® certified ǀ Flexible ǀ Unique textures ǀ Moisture- absorbing