Marzeri Milano


“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”

― Johannes Brahms ―

Italian luxury shoe-making is an art: it brings together technique, extreme care for detail, intense talent and a penchant for beauty. Our artisans’ mastery encompasses hundreds of years of Italian expertise and craftsmanship, in a country where style is a way of life.
MARZERI shoes are crafted following the highest quality standards, to ensure that each handmade product comes with a unique style and unmistakable allure, paired with our obsession for sustainability, ethics, and innovation.

The everlasting tradition of the Marche region is a testament to excellence. Our decision of avoiding mass production in favor of a make-to-order philosophy, allows MARZERI to offer highly customized items, from shape to materials all the way down to a single detail, thus creating a truly exclusive, made-to-measure product. For our men’s elegant shoes, we use the Goodyear welt construction, recognized as the most exquisite of all men’s footwear production methods: a guarantee of exceptional quality, comfort, and extreme durability.