Marzeri Milano

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do."

– Edward Everett Hale –

Marzeri EAP is a program that allows you to become part of our family, of our history.
Yes, Marzeri is a company. A company that produces Italian handmade shoes. But that does not just make a product, but gives it a soul.
RESPECT towards MAN, ENVIRONMENT, ANIMALS. This is our statement.
The choice of materials - innovative, totally cruelty-free and sustainable - and a great sense of work ethics are our WORLD OF VALUES. Yes, because our GOAL is to bring, with our efforts, a change in a world that is not so careful about sustainability and ethics. Shoes are our TOOL to implement this change.
As a company, part of our budget is dedicated to marketing and communication activities. We have decided to INVEST this budget on YOU.
You - who buy our shoes - if you do it also because you recognize yourself in our VALUES and our vision of the world is yours too, please, BE our voice!   We would like you to part of our family.
Marzeri EAP program works this way:
1. Do you want to buy a Marzeri product?
2. Post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn the motivation that leads you to buy our shoes, which model you are choosing and #marzerimilano #ethicalambassador
3. Tag at least one person on that photo, so that he can read your motivation and maybe make it his own.
4. You will immediately receive a 20% discount to use on the shoes you have chosen.
5. When your shoes arrive, post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn one pic of your shoes with a comment and we will send you an additional 20% discount on your next order (full priced)