Ethical Ambassador Program

Be the Voice, Wear the Difference

With Marzeri EAP, you have the opportunity to join our family and become a part of our rich history.

Marzeri is more than just a company that produces Italian handmade shoes. It is a brand that imbues its products with character and essence, giving them a soulful quality that distinguishes them from other shoes.

Our declaration is that we advocate for the respect of three crucial elements: humanity, the environment, and animals.

Our WORLD OF VALUES is characterized by our meticulous selection of materials, which are not only innovative but also 100% cruelty-free and sustainable.
Our commitment to ethical work practices is also a defining feature.
Our ultimate GOAL is to make a positive impact on a world that often overlooks the importance of sustainability and ethics.
We view shoes as a powerful TOOL with which to effect this change.

Our company sets aside a portion of our funds towards marketing and communication efforts. Our decision has been made to allocate these resources towards YOU as an investment.

If you resonate with our principles and our view of the world aligns with your own, we invite you, as a purchaser of our footwear, to be a spokesperson for our brand. By doing so, you become a member of our community.

Here's how the Marzeri EAP program works:
  1. Purchase a Marzeri product of your choice.
  2. Share your motivation for choosing our shoes, along with the model, on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn using the hashtags #marzerimilano and #ethicalambassador.
  3. Tag at least one person in your post, allowing them to discover your reasons and perhaps adopt them as their own.
  4. Immediately receive a 20% discount for your chosen shoes.
  5. When your shoes arrive, post a picture with a comment on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and we'll reward you with an additional 20% discount on your next full-priced order.
Join our family and be part of the movement to make a positive impact. Together, we can create a better world, one step at a time!

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